Alain Abi Rizk


Alain Abi Rizk

Agriculture Engineering


Alain Abi Rizk is an international consultant and counselor for agriculture, animal health, food safety and environment for numerous Lebanese ministries and international organizations. He is also the founder and CEO of “One Health SAL ” the first animal diagnostics lab in the Middle East.

Research Areas include agriculture, animal pathophysiology, animal health management, animal production, management, geopolitics, international affairs, and entrepreneurship.


  • REEV-Med – Mediterranean Network of Establishments for Veterinary Education (Founding member)
  • Order of Engineers and Architects in Lebanon
  • LAAS – Lebanese Association for the Advancement of Science
  • EAAP – European Federation of Animal Science

Committee member

  • Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade: for the project IFC and the legal registration of AFAC 
  • Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture and LIBNOR: in the committees of Animal Health and the Lebanese CODEX ALIMENATRUS
  • Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture: nominated coordinator for 13th Conference of the OIE Regional Commission for the Middle East
  • Lebanese Ministry of industry: for the Lebanese poultry slaughterhouses management
  • The Food and Agriculture Organization for the sub-regional strategy and action plan: “Resilient Livelihoods for Agriculture and Food and Nutrition Security in Areas Affected by the Syria crisis”
  • USAID: for the Lebanese Industry Value Chain Development (LIVCD) Program
  • OIE: for the Regional Commission for the Middle East

Alain received his PhD in Cellular Biology from the Claude Bernard University of Lyon1, France and is currently associate professor for a faculty of agricultural and food sciences.