Nemr El Hajj


Nemer El Hajj

Mechanical Engineering

Nemer El Hajj is experienced in the fields of research, energy, and the recycling of plastic materials, the development, characterization, the modeling of composite materials with thermosetting and thermoplastic matrices, and agro-composites materials for different applications: aeronautics, railways, buildings, and health. Currently, he is co-supervisor of a thesis in collaboration with the UTC (France) on the recovery of energy.

A frequent author of research articles for international journal articles, Nemer has participated in national and international conferences with peers and reviewing committees and was the Chairperson of the “Engineering” session in an international conference and Ad Hoc. He has also reviewed of articles for international journals.


N. EL HAJJ, M. Queneudec: Process for obtaining an agroliant prepared from starches or amylaceous meals, of cereal origin or not. Date of publication: 11-03-2011. Patent No. EP 2475628 A1 (WO2011030016A1)

Member of/advisor to

Member of the Lebanese Order of Engineers and Architects Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Scientific Advisor – NanoMed Inc. – Saint John sur Richelieu – Canada.

Nemer received his PhD in Process Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from UPJV Amiens & UTC Compiegne with a Mention of Excellence. He is the head of a mechanical department in a school of engineering.