Samar Azzi


Samar Azzi

Agriculture Engineering

Samar Azzi is an expert in food aromas and composition and the chemical composition of must and wine. She researches and publishes widely and has made keynote presentations on these topics at international conferences. She also works on sustainability projects, and she was appointed Chair of a Green Committee in January 2016.

Samar received her PhD in analytical Chemistry from AgroParisTech France and is currently an associate professor at the School of Engineering, head of Department of Agricultural and Food Engineering, and has been the director of the Laboratories since 2008.

Research Areas include chemistry of honey and wine, essential oils, and winery waste.


Member of the Lebanese order of engineers and architects

Member of the Lebanese Association for the Advancement of Science.

Member of Lebanon Climate Act (USEK representative)

Member of the Committee of essential oils at LIBNOR