Sandy Rihana


Sandy Rihana

Biomedical Engineering


Sandy A. Rihana has consultancy experience in cardio diagnostics and biomedical processes for private practices. She is the co-founder of the Health Technologies Management and Advancements (HTMA) in Lebanon. 

An advocate for collaboration between industries, hospitals, international universities, and research centers, Sandy is an experienced organizer of conferences on innovation in medical regulations and healthcare technologies. She is also an Industry Liaison Officer for IEEE-EMBS and IEEE-CABME events on healthcare technology, entrepreneurship in medical engineering, and breakthroughs and innovations in biology, engineering, and medicine. 

A prolific author with publications in international Scopus indexed journals, Sandy had participated in international conferences. She is also a reviewer of journals and books.

Sandy received her PhD in Biomedical Engineering Technical University of Compiegne, France, and is currently a professor and chairperson of a university biomedical engineering department.